Beauty and The Feast

Well You Should!

And That's Because What We've Got For You Today Is An Easy-To-Follow & Scientifically Proven 7-Day Beauty Program That Will Help You Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Health & Improve The Signs Of Ageing... And You Can Do It All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Note: This Program Has Been Designed & Developed By Two Of The World's Most Respected & Renowned Nutritionists. You Won't Find Anything Like It Anywhere Else… Guaranteed!

Dear Anti-Aging Enthusiast,

"If You Answered "YES PLEASE!" To ANY Of Those Questions, Then It's Absolutely Crucial That You Keep On Reading…"

And that's because what we've got for you today is the definitive and most complete youth-enhancing, skin-revitalizing, fat-busting, health-boosting nutritional program that's ever been released, and we REALLY mean that!

You're going to discover…

And that's just for starters!

Because as well as all that, we've also taken much care and time to design…

A Fully-Comprehensive, Step-By-Step
7-DAY BEAUTY PROGRAM That You Can Follow
From The Comfort Of Your Own Home…

7 Day Beauty ProgramThis professional program has been specifically designed to enhance your natural beauty from the inside out, through a combination of meal plans, interactive exercise techniques, expert beauty secrets, DIY treatments and natural anti-ageing procedures…

This really is the most complete age-defying, beauty-enhancing package on the market, and it's all you're ever going to need to look your VERY BEST, each and every day!

The fact is, by applying the secret techniques that we're about to reveal to you today…

Now You Can Look Your Most
Radiant & Beautiful Every Single Day!

If you're currently suffering from any of the health problems listed above, or Old Father Time is running away with your youthful good looks and vitality, then the claims we've made above might seem a long way off, or somewhat unrealistic…

But believe us when we say, they're REALLY NOT!

And that's because the techniques, tips and tricks we're about to reveal have worked for hundreds and thousands of people all over the world who've been fortunate enough to find us, and seek our advice!

People just like Teresa…

"...I feel like a different person"

Teresa Mackenzie"When I turned 60 last year, I wasn't in a happy place. I absolutely hated looking and feeling old and I was desperate to do something about it. Luckily I found you girls before it was too late! Ever since then, my life has transformed! I've followed your programme to the letter, taken on board every piece of advice and followed all the daily routines, and in just 6 months I feel like a different person. My friends haven't stopped commenting on my skin, and I feel so much more energetic. I honestly can't thank you enough for putting this programme together, and making an old (but increasingly younger looking) lady very happy indeed!"

Teresa Mackenzie, 61
Gloucestershire, UK

So what exactly is this all-round health and beauty program, and how is it currently helping people just like Teresa to improve their skin, help defy the ageing process and revitalize their health?

Well, we're going to reveal what it is in just a moment!

But before we do, we think it's VERY important that we first reveal a little bit about who WE are, and why you can trust us to deliver on all the promises we've made…

So let us introduce The Food Fairies, otherwise known as Rachel Henderson and Lola Renton

And here we are!

Rachel and Lola

As The Food Fairies, we're the creators of this program, and that's a VERY IMPORTANT point…

And that's because where we differ from most of the other self-proclaimed anti-ageing, skin care and weight loss "experts" on the internet, is that The Food Fairies are actually QUALIFIED!

Yep, we've done the hard yards. We've earned our stripes, having studied at one of the most respected universities in the UK, the Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management, located in Berkshire in the UK. And after receiving a BSc in Nutritional Therapy, we now run our own business, Food Fairy Nutrition Ltd, which is dedicated to helping people all over the world to improve their health, lose weight naturally, reverse the signs of ageing and transform their lives!

And that's not all… We're also members of BANT (the British Association of Nutritional Therapy) and CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council), and we are featured columnists for Yoga Magazine and Natural Health Magazine too, as well as having appeared in a number of other national and international publications.

So when it comes to nutrition, anti-ageing, skin care and promoting great health, we're as qualified as it gets!

That's because our education was built on a foundation of biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and functional medicine, and as a result…

"We Know How The Body Works,
and EXACTLY What You Need
To Look Your VERY BEST, Every Single Day!"

So if you'd like to rid yourself of your current health problems, lose weight naturally and safely, drastically improve your skin, look younger and feel better than you've EVER felt in your entire adult life, who would you rather take advice from? An "internet marketer" with absolutely no qualifications in nutrition, weight loss, anti-ageing or skin care, who's simply out to make as much money as possible, OR… The Food Fairies, a pair of fully qualified, internationally renowned experts with hundreds and thousands of happy clients to their names?

And that very problem is exactly why we're here, and why we've created this incredible and truly LIFE-CHANGING program for you…

You see, we're sick and tired of seeing all the terrible, wrong, and downright DANGEROUS advice that's being peddled all over the internet in search of a quick buck…

People with absolutely no knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the human body are springing up all over the web with their "revolutionary" and "scientific" weight loss programs, and anti-ageing and skin care products, with the sole intention of making as much money as possible.

They give themselves titles like "beauty expert", "skin care advisor" and "weight loss guru" and many other names that mean absolutely nothing! But the information they're giving out is 50%, 75%, and often even 100% WRONG!

The cold, hard truth is that they're lying to you
in order to make money…

They don't have ANY qualifications (because if they did, they'd tell you – just like we've done), and they don't possess the knowledge and experience that's required to help you. They have absolutely NO IDEA how the human body works, and how different foods, treatments and exercises affect it from a medical, scientific and nutritional standpoint.

In essence, millions of people all over the world are paying good money for bad advice, and buying products that have absolutely NO CHANCE of helping them – and it makes The Food Fairies very sad…

And that's because we are qualified. We are genuine, and we do know what you need to look your most beautiful and feel GREAT!

Which is why we've decided to do something about it, and create a real, practical and easy-to-follow program that is medically, scientifically and nutritionally PROVEN to work!


Beauty and The Feast Classic

Beauty & The Feast

Your Personal 7 Day Beauty Program!

Beauty & The Feast - 7 Day Beauty Program

Beauty and The Feast Classic

Ok, so what exactly is Beauty & The Feast?

Beauty & The Feast is a unique and professionally designed program that has been developed by The Food Fairies themselves, two fully qualified nutritionists with years of experience and a vast catalogue of happy clients all over the world.

The Food Fairies understand how your skin, eyes, hair, nails and weight are directly affected by what you eat and how you live, and as a result, have put together a comprehensive program to give you everything you need to achieve a youthful and radiant glow, bright eyes, glossy hair, happy, healthy organs and a slimmer, more toned physique!

Prior to red carpet events and showbiz occasions, many A-list actresses and models follow plans EXACTLY like this one.

And you can trust us when we say that, because we've designed many of them!

So whether it's a wedding day, a holiday or a special occasion looming, you can be sure that Beauty & The Feast will get you on the road to pure radiance and a more beautiful you…

"My skin is visibly clearer and fresher
and I have my confidence back again."

Eva Omaser"Before I found The Food Fairies and started their program, my life was pretty miserable. For many years I suffered with terrible headaches, IBS and bloating and I found it impossible to get my weight under control. My skin was horrible to look at and I used to hate going out because I was so worried that people would find me unattractive, or even ugly. I was 52 but I felt like a teenager, riddled with insecurities. Since I've started using their programme the difference has been incredible. I've lost weight, got my IBS and bloating under control and I haven't had a headache in two months. My skin is visibly clearer and fresher and I have my confidence back again. I can't praise this programme highly enough and have recommended it to all of my friends!"

Eva Omaser, 52
Monte Carlo

With the Beauty & The Feast 7-Day Program by your side…

“You’re Going To Receive EVERYTHING You Need To ImproveThe Tell-Tale Signs Of Ageing, Lose Weight, Look Younger & Feel Healthier Than Ever Before…
Starting TODAY!

Here are just a few of the many amazing benefits you’ll find within the Beauty & The Feast 7-Day Program…

PLUS, you’ll also discover the incredible benefits of “Facial Yoga” – a hugely effective age-defying technique that’s currently taking Hollywood by storm!

Facial YogaYep, not only will you receive a professionally designed set of body-toning, fat-busting Yoga exercises to follow as part of the 7-Day Beauty Program, we’ve also included a step-by-step daily series of facial gymnastics too!

These facial exercises are powerful alternatives to expensive and potentially dangerous cosmetic surgery and Botox procedures, and will allow you to quickly tone up your facial muscles and reduce the signs of ageing, naturally and safely.

“How will Facial Yoga help me to look younger?”

To briefly explain, Facial Yoga works on the principle that muscles need exercising if they’re to remain toned. After all, if you don’t exercise your body, the muscles lengthen and become weaker, the skin sags and gravity takes over.

And this is exactly what happens to your face – UNLESS you do something about it!

Our Facial Yoga exercises work by stimulating and toning the muscles around your eyes, forehead, mouth and chin. As the muscles are worked, more blood and oxygen is channelled towards the face, and the muscles are strengthened and tightened…

“This Means Fewer Wrinkles & Firmer,
Younger Looking Skin!”

The craze of “Facial Gymnastics” is currently sweeping across Hollywood, with major stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow including it in their own daily beauty routines to tone their facial muscles, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and give them firmer, younger looking skin.

They’re doing it is because IT WORKS

And it may work for you too!

As will every single element of the Beauty & The Feast 7-Day Program…

You see, this package has not only been designed to uncover your most beautiful face, it’s also been designed to optimise your health, reduce the signs of ageing and increase your metabolism, helping you to lose unwanted pounds as an effortless, natural consequence!

With The Beauty & The Feast 7-Day Program, you’ll benefit from having your very own personal nutritionist with you all week, every week – guiding you every step of the way on your path to a younger, healthier, more beautiful YOU!

And as well as giving you everything you need to achieve great skin, optimum health and fewer wrinkles, we’ll also help you to lose those unwanted pounds…

But unlike many other health and beauty packages, Beauty & The Feast has absolutely…

NOTHING To Do With “Dieting” Whatsoever!

You see, The Food Fairies are not about boring, unsustainable diets and lettuce leaf lunches. Eating should be an enticing and exciting part of your life, which you experiment with and ENJOY! After all, life is too short to miserably munch on a wilting salad!

We believe in eating the right foods, and doing the right things MOST of the time, so that you can lose weight and feel great, without becoming obsessive about it…We don’t believe in “dieting”, because quite simply, it DOESN’T WORK! The process of dieting actually makes it harder to lose weight, because when the body doesn’t receive the required amount of food and energy, it switches into “starvation mode”, and clings onto its fat reserves, making it even tougher to shift the excess weight…

We believe in eating the right foods, and doing the right things MOST of the time, so that you can lose weight and feel great, without becoming obsessive about it…

So instead of revolving around unworkable and counter-productive “diets”, Beauty & The Feast has been designed to promote an enjoyable and beneficial change in your lifestyle, while providing you with all the guidance and gentle motivation you need to achieve spectacular results, both on the inside and the outside!

In this brand-new and professionally designed health and beauty package, you’ll receive…

Oh, and when we say MUCH, MUCH MORE, we really mean it! And that’s because here at Food Fairy HQ, we’re all about giving you everything you need to succeed, and more!

So as well as the Beauty & The Feast e-book, which comes complete with your very own 7-day beauty program, you’re also going to receive the following bonus products, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Free Bonus #1:
The Food Fairies'
10 Commandments Of Health!

10 Commandments Of Health

When it comes to looking younger, losing weight naturally, and feeling GREAT, there are 10 crucial things that every man and woman must know… So to make absolutely sure that you’ve got everything you need to look and feel your very best in the shortest amount of time, we’ve compiled our top 10 Health Commandments!

Here the Food Fairies guide you through the 10 GOLDEN RULES of good health, like portion control, the importance of protein and “good” fats, the tricks you need to know to balance your blood sugars and give you maximum energy, the 80/20 philosophy, and much more besides!

Follow these 10 commandments and you’ll lose weight effortlessly, feel healthier and look your most beautiful in a matter of weeks…

Free Bonus #2:
The Food Fairies' Pick Of Pamper Potions!

Pick Of Pamper Potions

The Food Fairies believe in the power of Mother Nature and natural ingredients. We don’t believe in coating your face and body with chemicals, and neither should you!

The beauty industry, with their aggressive marketing and money-making agendas, claim that their products will make you look younger and improve your skin, but the fact is, many of these products are loaded with chemicals which burden your liver. After all, it’s the liver’s job to detoxify your body and get rid of these chemicals.

So guess what happens when you burden your liver? That’s right, it’s forced into expressing its anger and frustration on your FACE, in the form of blemishes and breakouts… and there lies the beauty industry paradox! You see, many of the expensive beauty products out there actually do more harm than good…

But there are also some NATURAL beauty products that work wonders, and we’ve put together our favourites right here! These natural beautifiers contain no nasty chemicals and will complement your 7-day program by pampering your body from the outside, as well as the inside, encouraging a fresh, healthy and blemish-free face!

Free Bonus #3:
The Food Fairy Facial Yoga Video Series!

Facial Yoga

As part of The Beauty & The Beast product package, you’re going to receive Facial Yoga exercises as a part of your 7-day beauty program. But to make things even easier for you, we’re also giving you your very own Facial Yoga video series, which will show you in a step-by-step fashion EXACTLY how to exercise your facial muscles and reduce the signs of ageing through the power of Facial Gymnastics!

This collection of videos will demonstrate how to go about exercising your facial muscles in order to keep them toned and tight, so that you can roll back the years with ease! With this video series at your disposal, you’ll be able to help ‘smooth out’ your delicate facial contours and help to enhance that youthfully plumped complexion and skin. These videos are designed to help promote fuller lips, a more defined facial structure, a tighter brow and fewer lines and wrinkles. Celebrity followers include Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, and they do it because IT WORKS!

And this video series is yours today, completely free!

Free Bonus #4:
Personal Dietary Analysis!

Personal Dietary Analysis

If all that wasn’t enough, we’re also going to provide you with a completely free, and 100% personal, dietary analysis!

We just keep on giving don’t we?! That’s right… Whenever you’re ready, all you need to do is send us your 3-day food diary, and we’ll analyse what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong, and then send you a detailed report that’s tailored towards your unique requirements!

We’ll tell you what foods to cut-out (and why) and what foods and supplements you should be adding to your daily meal planner to give you optimum beautifying results. This bonus ALONE is valued at $60, and you’re getting it COMPLETELY FREE – complements of the Food Fairies!

So how's that for a complete health-boosting, anti-ageing, beauty-enhancing product package? Designed, remember, by two fully qualified and experienced professionals, who have revelled in the success of turning hundreds of people's lives and looks around over the last few years.

This is quite literally everything you're ever going to need to achieve glowing, younger looking skin, shed excess weight easily and effortlessly, boost energy levels and improve your all-round health.

Because improving your health, rejuvenating your skin and enhancing your beauty will make such a huge difference to your life, that it's actually impossible to measure! What we do know for sure is that you'll look more beautiful and radiant than you do right now… You'll have more confidence than you've ever known… and you'll feel happier than you ever have in your entire life!

Just imagine for a second what that would feel like…

To give you an idea, here's another testimonial from one of our previous clients…

Ok Food Fairies, I’d love to get my hands on a program like this, so how much are we talking?

Well, to be completely honest, there’s so much life changing information contained within this program and the related bonuses that we could easily charge hundreds of dollars for it. But the truth is, that’s not why The Food Fairies created this product…

We created it as a real, practical and GENUINE alternative to all the nonsense skin care, anti ageing and weight loss products out there, many of which are written by people who are only releasing the product to make money. They don’t care whether the advice they give ACTUALLY WORKS!

The Food Fairies AREN’T in this to make a quick buck… We really do want to help you… because that’s what we do for a living. We help people of all ages to eat and live healthily, so that they can be everything they want to be, and look their very best each and every day.

And we’re here to help you too!

But that’s not the only reason we created Beauty & The Feast…

We also wanted to show you that you DON’T NEED to buy expensive beauty products to look beautiful. In fact, that’s the last thing you should be doing! As we mentioned earlier, many of the big name beauty and skin care products contain masses of chemicals which ultimately damage your skin even further because of the strain they place on your liver…

They’re completely counter-productive – and they’re costing you HUGE amounts of money!

So our message is clear…

STOP Wasting Your Hard Earned Money On Expensive Beauty Products That Only Paper Over The Cracks… And Invest In The #1 Natural Beauty Program That Addresses The Root Cause Of Your Problems, And Fixes Them From The Inside Out!”

The fact is, we don’t want you to waste your money on products that simply don’t work, when we know for a fact what does!

It’s truly incredible how much these companies charge for their products, when their main ingredients can be found in FOOD! And on top of that, eating those ingredients is FAR MORE beneficial to your face and body than rubbing them on your skin!

And for these reasons, we’ve tried to keep the cost of this package as low as we possibly can. And that’s the absolute truth…

We want as many people as possible to be able to try this program out, and benefit from its incredible beauty enhancing, age-defying, health boosting powers!

So today, we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on our complete health and beauty product package for the ridiculously low price of JUST $37

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Yep, that’s right…

ONLY $37!

And don’t forget, that includes ALL of the following…

On top of that, we’re also throwing in FOUR fantastic, and completely FREE bonuses!

Just look at everything you’ll be getting, FOR ONLY $37!

Beauty and The Feast Classic

Beauty and The Feast Classic Package

Beauty and The Feast Classic


Before you make your decision, we’re also offering you an ADVANCED Beauty & The Feast Package, which comes with an Mp3 audio of the entire e-book, as well as exclusive beauty and skin care tips, recipe ideas, holistic approaches and lifestyle advice that you won’t find in the original package!

Beauty and The Feast Classic

The Beauty & The Feast
PREMIUM Edition!


Beauty and The Feast Premium Edition

Beauty and The Feast Classic

The perfect accompaniment for people always on the move, The Beauty & The Feast Premium edition comes with an audio file – ideal for those who want to take The Food Fairies with them wherever they go! So whether you’re driving to and from work, on the train, bus or plane, cooking dinner or out on a food shopping trip and in need of some ideas, you’ll never be short of advice and guidance.

And as well as this fantastic Mp3 audio file, you’ll also receive exclusive bonus beauty tips and advice that aren’t included in the original package, in fact – you won’t find them anywhere else!

So not only will you receive all of this, you’ll also get EVERYTHING that’s included in the $37 package, so you’ll be able to read the e-book and follow the 7-day beauty program from home, AND then listen to the content whenever you leave the house, and wherever you go!

And you can get all of this for JUST $57!

Give Me Instant Access

So make your decision now, select either of the packages on offer, and we’ll send you your very own Beauty & The Feast program, PLUS all of the related bonuses TODAY!

Remember, these product packages have been designed by The Food Fairies, two hugely respected and fully qualified nutritional therapists, who understand exactly what the body needs to look its very best, all the time!

We’ve helped thousands of people all over the world to achieve their goals, whether it be dramatically improving their skin and complexion, losing weight naturally and safely, conquering health complaints that have been ruining their lives, or turning back the clock and looking YEARS younger in the space of just a few weeks…

And we promise that this program will do the same for you too!

In fact, we’re so confident in this program and its potential to transform your life that we’re going to put our money where our mouths are, and include the following:

The Food Fairies' 60 Day, Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

That's right! You can take a full 60 days to check out the Beauty & The Feast program for yourself, as well the FOUR special bonuses. And if you're not completely happy with the anti-ageing, skin-cleansing, health-boosting and genuinely life-changing information provided, then you'll get every penny of your money back…

A full 60 days will give you plenty of time to fully digest the program, put all of the information into practice and start your journey towards a happier, more beautiful and younger looking you. And once again, in the incredibly unlikely event that you DON'T find everything you've been looking for in the Beauty & The Feast product package, you'll receive all of your money back, no questions asked.

You're benefiting from this 60 DAY RISK FREE period because there is SO MUCH life-changing information within the Beauty & The Feast e-book and the 7-day beauty program, that we want to give you enough time to put the tips and advice into action so that you can start seeing the incredible results of this program for yourself."

So take as long as you want.

You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE…

Grab your Beauty & The Feast product package today for the ridiculously low price of ONLY $37 and receive FOUR special bonuses, completely free of charge!

Remember, this product package shouldn’t be seen as an expense. This is an investment in yourself – your own health and happiness. Beauty & The Feast and all the related bonus material has the power to significantly reduce, and maybe even eliminate, your current health problems, worries and insecurities, and set you on the path to a happier, healthier, younger looking and more beautiful you.

Forget empty promises of the chemical-laden, cut-throat beauty industry fronted by airbrushed models! This is the ONLY proven way to enhance your natural beauty today, tomorrow and forever.

And you can get started RIGHT NOW!

So before we go, let us ask you this…

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Well it’s actually very real, because this dream has already come true for hundreds and thousands of people all over the world who made the decision to invest in themselves and their own health and happiness, and contact The Food Fairies!

And this is your chance to do the same, right here, RIGHT NOW!

So make sure you click on the order button below
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To A Beautiful Future,

The Food Fairies

Rachel HendersonBA (Hons), BSc (Hons), mBANT
Lola RentonBA (Hons), mBANT

Food Fairy Nutrition Ltd

P.S. You’re just one click away, and a few minutes away, from discovering exactly how the tips, tricks and secrets revealed in this program have been able to change the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Remember, this program has been devised by two professional and fully qualified nutritional therapists who have YOUR interests at heart. You won’t find anything as comprehensive or as successful as this, anywhere else. Beauty & The Feast contains tried, tested and proven techniques that work, and they’ll work for you, too!

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Beauty and The Feast Premium Edition

P.P.S. This truly is the best and most comprehensive beauty package on the market, packed full of expert advice, practical tips and all the information and guidance you’ll ever need to sparkle and shine brighter than you ever have before! And you can get it all today for the measly sum of just $37! So make your decision now, while the discount price remains.

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget, you’re fully backed by our 60-day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the Beauty & The Feast product package, all you need to do is email the Food Fairies, and we’ll return your money, no questions asked.

You risk absolutely nothing…

So why not click on the order button below, and let your fairytale begin!